What are Phyllis Schlafly’s arguments against the women’s liberation movement? Why do you think the Schlafly led the fight against the Equal Rights Amendment (see Foner 1043-1044)? Do you think her arguments were reasonable?

Following are some of the arguments of Phyllis Schlafly against the women’s liberations movement.

  1. She believed that men and women are not equal but different. This provided a basis to her notion of women not to seek an equal status as men have.
  2. In a marriage, there must be a decision maker and that should be the man.
  3. She believed that the best job for a women to be a house wife and not engage in employment.

Schlafly led to the fight against the Equal Rights Amendment because she was against the notion of men and women equality. She believed in the man dominance in the society for it to function efficiently.

I personally do not agree to her arguments. I think that the sex difference should not be the basis of gender discrimination.