Was the dropping of the atomic bomb an immoral act?

There could be several arguments that could go against and in favor of dropping the bomb when considered from a moral point of view. What is moral? Isn’t morals are concerned with right and wrong? I think they are. But who decides the morality of anything? I think that in an ideal situation the dropping of the bomb was an immoral act. In fact war itself is an immoral practice. But the reality is that they happen and each party in a war decide their own morality. That lead us two think of the situation in 1945. I think that at that time, it would have been considered a moral act by the countries that were American allies and rightly so. The use of excessive power was a norm during that time. Atomic bomb was just another example of an excessive power in favor of a party.

Now let’s examine it from a lens in the present. From the moral standards that exist today, I think that the dropping of the bomb was an utter immoral act. I also see a racist side of dropping the bomb. I think that if it was another country that was primarily a white majority, like Germany, the atomic bomb might have not been use. But as it was Japan, an Asian country with brown people, the decision to drop an atomic bomb that would kill a great number of people in no time might have been easy. Human dignity seems to have been violated by dropping bombs that killed humans at that magnitude. Irrespective of the opinion that the decision would have seemed moral at that time and circumstances, I strongly believe that such an atrocity must not be repeated in human history ever again. That was a shame moment for the human history and more and more people have been realizing it in the present. That is why people mourn that decision in almost all countries in the present age.