How does a company ensure that its code of ethics is integrated into the daily decision-making process of the company and is not just a symbolic trophy or plaque hanging on the wall?

The code of ethics can be considered as the subpart of the code of conduct. Code of conduct is the umbrella having subparts. It should be made in such a powerful way that it is incoherence with the organization.

Following are some way of incorporating ethics into organization and decision making:

  • It is paramount not to be in some unethical business.
  • The top management should set an example by obeying every law which will convey a positive message down the hierarchy.
  • There should be transparency in the organization.
  • It is very imperative for the managers and head of the department that they should encourage their subordinates and employee working under them to follow the ethics of the organization at every stage.
  • There should be an evaluation on the basis of ethnic performance, and rewards should be given as per the defined metrics. This will encourage the co-employees who are working in the organization.

(Schulman, 2006)

Ethical training also plays a very vital role in which trainers and public speakers speak and share their practical experiences with the employees. As it is known that people more learn from visual aids and actual stories, so it is a good way of communicating and inculcating organizational

ethics into the person. It will surely help the employee to make ethical decisions in future for the company and even in personal life.