Identify a company or corporation that you know of and then after researching
that company address the following:

  1. Identify the major issues in job design for this company
  2. Identify major ergonomic and work environment issues for this company
  3. Identify the ethical standards that the company or corporation has.
  4. Use the tools of methods analysis to identify four ways of establishing labor standards
  5. Compute the normal and standard times in a time study
  6. Find the proper sample size for a time study and relate it to the company


Coca-Cola has a different way of conducting business than most companies.   They start with looking for “secret ingredients” that potential employees may have that will help grow the recipe for success for the individual and the company.   By hiring diverse individuals to fill unique positions, and not limit their roles within the organization, there are endless avenues for growth and success.   Every employee is valued and appreciated and encouraged to give feedback and ideas for ways that the company can be better.   Through this different approach, Coca Cola is growing more every year, thanks to the people who work there.


Coca-Cola is the world’s biggest drink organization that works the biggest dispersion framework on the planet. This permits Coca-Cola organizations to serve more than 1 billion of its items to clients every day. The advertising technique for Coca-Cola advances items from four out of the five top offering soda pops to procure deals, for example, Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite. This procedure constructs solid client connections, which gives the open door for these organizations to be recognized and fulfilled. So, clients will be additionally ready to help Coca-Cola create and develop. (Koekemoer & Bird, 2004)

Assorted qualities and vastness are the elements that emerge for the situation learn about the Coca-Cola Company. With Coca-Cola being an overall organization that offers such a variety of items, they should enlist adaptable and various workers to bolster the necessities of the as yet developing organization. The workers’ audits reaffirmed that by procuring a various gathering of representatives and errand them with various difficulties in various nations; their decision to staff the organization along these lines has been effective. By working with other remarkable people, they are edified by new techniques for intuition and working.  (Kotler & Keller, 2006)

As the organization keeps on developing and adjust in the business sectors they serve, they are compelled to be liquid with their items and showcasing and respond to the present requests. By permitting all representatives to have info and offer their thoughts and points of view in all territories, even those outside of their employment scope, they then have admittance to various methods for confronting new difficulties. This likewise makes worth to the representatives that have these proposals and info since they have added to the accomplishment of the organization and take pride in that and their work.

This position gives initiative and course to the CCR Operations Organization in the zone Occupational Ergonomics as a key part of our manageability motivation, adjusted to our vision of zero business related wounds and sicknesses. The reason for the ergonomist position is to give specialized mastery to bolster area ergonomics and security programs, use ergonomic appraisal devices to assess occupations.

Coca-Cola has the most profitable brand name on the planet and, as a standout amongst the most obvious organizations around the world, has a colossal chance to exceed expectations in all measurements of business execution. In any case, as demonstrated for this situation study, Coke has a great deal on their plate as the greatest brand name on the planet (Koekemoer & Bird, 2004). Moral issues all through various parts of the organization, and with different administration changes in the most recent ten years, Coke makes them get up to speed to do. The organization has been included in racial segregation, distorting market tests, controlling winning and disturbing long haul contractual plans with wholesalers. Neville Isdell, the new president of Coke is right now attempting to enhance their notoriety cause by a portion of the issues introduced next.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola, between them, hold the prevailing offer of the world business sector”. Despite the fact that Coca-Cola creates and offers huge over the United States, all together for the organization to extend and develop, they needed to manufacture their worldwide soda pop market by offering to clients globally. For instance, both organizations kept on focusing on universal markets concentrating on conventional sodas, new-age drinks and venturing into the nibble sustenance organizations. With these new changes, Pepsi has 60% of the U.S. Nibble sustenance market while Coca-Cola contributes 85% of its deals outside of the United States. As per the late Roberto Goizueta, “Coca-Cola used to be an American organization with a vast global business. Presently we are a huge worldwide organization with a sizable American business”

Expanding piece of the overall industry is a standout amongst the most key objectives for a business, for example, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Rivalries between other soda pop organizations, false piece of the overall industry reports and different business behaviors can bring about specific deterrents if the top offering organizations permit them as well (Kotler & Keller, 2006). In any case, Coca Cola’s procedure, from the early and late 1800s, of accomplishing objectives, for example, the universal mergers, enormous pieces of the pie, nibble nourishment creation and general execution permitted them to endeavor then and keep on succeeding today. Today, the vast majority of coke deals are spread all through the world in the 2004 Annual Report, “Coca Cola had gallon deals appropriated as takes after: 28% in the United States, 26% in Mexico, Brazil, Japan and China and 46% in spread all through the world”. This implies Coca Cola makes 70% of its benefits from different nations. Coca-Cola must stay cautious to keep their image untarnished and their moral issues to a base; their image is their fundamental key to achievement.

Media can be characterized as an “encouraging organization who recommend fitting message inside the agent imperatives of space” (Tyagi and Kumar, 2004, p.341) and is thought to be a standout amongst the best promotion strategies among showcasing professionals. Spurgeon (2008) separates media into two classes: distributed media and visual/aural media. Distributed media incorporates daily papers, magazines, exchange and expert press, and also web. Visual and aural media, then again, incorporate TV, radio, silver screen, notices, boards, and direct mailing.

Different sorts of media are utilized as a part of request to promote the Coca-Cola brand by and large, and Coca-Cola drink specifically.

Daily papers are a standout amongst the most mainstream types of media publicizing that is broadly utilized by Coca-Cola. Pishko (on the web, 2011) advises that alongside such worldwide brand names as Campbell’s Soup, Kellogg’s, and Pepsi Cola, Coca-Cola Company is one of the organizations that has gazed media ad in its prior stages, and at this point the organization has been occupied with media promoting for over 100 years.

Web is another stage where the different types of Coca-Cola promotions are put. In particular, the brand online commercial is embraced through the broad utilization of pennants, pop-up promotions, on location sponsorships and different arrangements of online notices in a huge number of sites along the globe. In addition, there are particular discussions and numerous sites all inclusive that are committed to Coca-Cola fans and where clients share their stories where Coca-Cola is included.

Coca-Cola has been promoted through TV numerous regions also with the organization spending a lot of monetary assets for this reason. Coca-Cola TV promotions in various nations fluctuate from each other and they have been readied considering the qualities of a nearby culture keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from any misconceptions because of social contrasts, and expand the positive effect of the TV commercial activities.

The Coca-Cola is likewise publicized in film and this is embraced in two ways. Firstly, there are Coca-Cola video notices played in silver screens for chose motion pictures before the film begins. Furthermore, Coca-Cola is generally promoted through item arrangement in films, where Coca-Cola drink includes some place amid the motion picture and with a specific end goal to boost the effectiveness of the item position, the beverage is typically devoured by the main part amid the motion picture.  (Koekemoer & Bird, 2004)

Coca-Cola media notice through the radio more often than not lasts just for few moments, however by and by is thought to be very productive as far as expanding the level of brand mindfulness and client dependability.

Blurbs and bulletins are additionally generally utilized as an indispensable part of the Coca-Cola media advancement. Coca-Cola bulletins are generally set at the downtown areas around the world and in addition expressways and a portion of the provincial zones. Blurbs, then again, are typically shown at the general population transport, a portion of the shops and eateries.

Investigation of pictures and words utilized as a part of Coca-Cola promoting effort has distinguished that these showcasing endeavors expect to convey three sorts of messages. Firstly, Coca-Cola showcasing activities intend to impart a message that this beverage is a best answer for fulfill the thirst. Also, Coca-Cola promoting effort expects to convey a message that drinking Coca-Cola is connected with style, being “cool” and in vogue. Thirdly, showcasing effort formulated by Coca-Cola expect to impart the message that drinking Coca-Cola is a piece of regular life and that the beverage is a part of a way of life.

Nonetheless, the most fascinating part is that these three sorts of advantages that Coca-Cola is putting forth its potential and existing clients are just seen advantages. In particular, the announcement that Coca-Cola fulfills thirst superior to some other beverage is reasonably under high level of suspicion. What’s more, it is likewise totally clear that Coca-Cola does not make anybody up-to-date, in vogue and “cool” in actuality and all the guaranteed advantages of such a nature are just seen advantages.