Case: Panera Bread Company – Still Rising Fortunes?

  • Discuss Panera’s sales growth.
  • Discuss Panera’s business level strategy.
  • Discuss the competitive landscape of the restaurant industry.
  • Discuss the challenges surrounding franchise management. 
  • Discuss CEO transition.
  • Discuss  how technology played a role




Executive Summary

The establishment of a Hospital that can serve its targeted community and audience with all sorts of health care facilities and care that are necessary for the residents and to earn the revenues and to maximize them with a lot of quality and respect for the patients and its attendees. There should be a way made for effective orientation of the community. To make the hospital a place for quality patient care.


To be a great hospital with quality services around the Globe.


Our core values include some of the following:


Our value is to work together for the achievement of Organizational Goals.


We are an honest, transparent and fair organization in what we do.


We respect everyone, our employees, our clerks, our patients and our partners.


We offer a great value in all the services that we are having. We do this all with a great background in education and research.

Proposed Services

The services that are intended to take place in the hospital should be, but not limited to, optical treatment, weight reduction, anomalies, cardiac treatment, and center for dentistry, general physician services, and surgeries for all the departments mentioned above. The hospital will also include an OPD ward and an emergency ward.

Target Market

The audience that would be targeted by the hospital would be all the residents of the nearby area or the town as the Hospital’s building will be situated at the place where there are no big hospitals. The hospital has treatments for youth, adults, young adults, old, children, and women as well.

Marketing Campaigns

The marketing campaigns will include the volunteer activities in which the school students of all the nearby reputed schools will be engaged. It will also include the college students who will create awareness regarding public health and the importance of a hospital in the area.

Company Summary

The hospital will utilize a number of qualified staff for medication and surgery purposes, the use of highly valued and quality equipment to make sure the quality of medical service by the top management. The environment of that hospital will be maintained with high cleanliness and sanitization of all the tools and equipment with sanitizers and anti-bacterial serums.

Location and Facilities

The location of the hospital will be a bit farther from the actual city area and would be near to the rural side of the town where there is little or no access to health care facility is present. The building will be approximately 1,236 square. feet. A storage shed of nearly 8*10 ft. would also be present. There is a very wide car entrance for the convenience of the patients, and there would also be a parking of nearly 12-15 cars at a time.


This will be a partnership business of Dr. X with his cousin brother who is a business with a 60% investment from the former and the rest from the latter.

Start-up Expenses

As estimated, the early investment that is required would be $23,000 which would just include the early and the first things to start the on-going process. The assets will be almost worth $223,000, which will be collected on the part of Dr. X as a loan that has been taken on the account of his personal assets, and on the other part of his cousin brother would be a bit of bootstrapping from the relatives and his accounts or savings.

Financial Plan

Start-up Expenses

Legal $300
Computers $5000
Office stationary and Supplies $6500
Marketing Plans $2500
Medical Equipment $9600
Recruitment $3000
Furniture $2000
Total Start-up Expenses $28,900
Start-up Assets
Cash in Hand $10,000
Current Assets $0
Fixed Assets $223,000
Total Requirements $261,900

SWOT Analysis


The strengths related to this hospital are the high experience of Dr. X and planning and business insight of his cousin brother and absence of quality hospitals nearby in the town. This hospital in small and big all cases would be a cost leader.


The lack of trust, as in any case in the start, people do not believe in a new place, new staff, and newly experienced persons. But this is a weakness in the short run that can be overcame by the extreme marketing and awareness campaigns in the area.


The opportunities are to grow because there is a lack of competition in the nearby area. And that in the case of violent situations or emergencies the only and viable option left for the residents would be the First-Aid Hospital situated nearby. The hospital can also grow in terms of treating more cases of different scenarios including gynecology cases, neurology cases and much more.


The only threat that can be foreseen at this stage is the fear of competition or the entry of a new competitor in the market which will be very difficult to compete in a scenario where both would be the new things for the public.