Strategies for Staffing

10-1. What are the critical issues that a company must consider when trying to match its staffng to its strategy?

10-2. What are the unique impacts on a company that must staff in international settings?



The staffing and company strategies are two patterns that tend to affect each other as outcomes. The staffing structures and patterns of hiring are determines under the strategies when the company is aiming to develop its HR based on its strategic objective. The staffing process tend to effect the strategies when it is developed and provides the company and its authorities with outcomes that are both desired and effectively designed to serve the success factor of the company in the industry.

The international staffing structures are different as the hiring process is based on more areas similar to the customer retention patterns. The international staffing process allows the company to remain active in the international business and select its resources from the international l employee market. This way the company has more diversifies skill set in its assets and has the ability to serve its international business needs.

Staffing match with strategies: critical issues to consider

The critical issues t determine when hiring the employees of an organization is to determine what resources are needed and where the origination is headed. If the organization has the strategies of development and growth that deign its objectives and its plans, then its hiring strategies should be under the same shade. The staffing process should help the company achieve its targets and implement its strategies more effectively. This way the company needs to address a set of issues that includes the staffing need san sits patterns, the staffing system and its effects on the company goals and how the certain choice of staff can help business achieve its objectives (Mankins & Steele, 2005).

The other critical issues include the business capacity to retain its employees because the hiring process is costly and in case the employees a rent retained they develop more vacancies that are required to be filled. This way the company has to invest more and more money in hiring process. The process of hiring and both the retention should be maintained.

The right resources should be selected from the market. This critical issues addresses hat there are many effective choices of the HR in the market, but the HR manger must select the resources that best serve the company needs and its objectives. Hiring process requires proper analysis and definition of the hired resources so that they are being aligned with the company strategies and its objectives (Holbeche, 2009). For instance, hiring the most effective resource in accounting may not serve the organizational purposes because even when the resource is excellent it may not possess the required specialties. Matching the right resources with the right business needs is the process that determines the success of the overall hiring process.

The hiring and staffing process determines the success of the company and its strategies, there for it is important to consider in details the issues that can affect the choice of resources in the organization.

International staffing impact on company strategies and its success

International staffing, like the local staffing has the same impact on the company strategies and development but on a bigger scale. The company is exposing to a lager set of customer market and has to establish its connections in the international communities. There are different patterns in each community that are to be acquired and adapted by the company. One of these patterns it hiring the human resource needed from the local community san din return serving these communities to be able to target better future and economic status (Mankins & Steele, 2005). The companies that serve on international level are dependent on the local market employees who are well established and have strong connection sin the market that, the company can be used to achieve its targets and serve its interests. Moreover, the international staffing structure allow the company to have a diversifies ski set which means the expertise and skills of the entire employee inventory is higher compares to the local staffing structure. The employees hired have more skills, different solution to similar problems and more ideas to serve the company its purpose.

The international staffing also allows the company to develop relationship and partnership with the international market and local communities where it operated or serves. The company is able to have a larger market share and identify its self in terms of its employee’s representation from different communities. The international staffing also helps company expand its reach to new and unidentified markets. The services offered by the company in this regard can help it’s to achieve its set targets with more effective resources that are acquired in the hiring process (Storey, 2007).

The international staffing means that the company selects the employs that represent their local communities, their business patterns and their customers that in turn they are serving. This way the company has a hold and partnership with the local market that is the base of every business success. The trust of the company operations is developed for the employee help raise its standards in the local communities as well. For instance, the company in the foreign culture, local market will have difficulty in managing its operation but the local employees can help the company establish 8its business and also communicate with the customers. The employees in the local communities can best identify the needs of the customers that can be focused by the company to capture more market share or to succeed. The international staffing structure is more decentralized and complex in nature. It is effective of the company that follows the transformational leadership’s strategies and can find its leadership strategies both challenged and supported by the international level of staffing structures.

The international staffing allows company to be effective for its international level operation and be able to target itself as a high competition player (Storey, 2007). Moreover, the company with international staffing structure and high skill rate inventory is able to achieve its targets effectively, grow and succeed in matching its mission on international level.  The international staffing patterns help company develop their strategies and also effects their strategies and helps achieving them.


The staffing system and pattern in the hiring structure are same for the local and international hiring. The strategies of the company are affected by the hiring process decisions. And the same decisions are affected by the strategies that the company aims to follow. The company that allows its operations to be designed based on the staffing structure tends to develop the strategies that are unique to the HR practices while the company that follows certain strategy to develop its staffing structure tend sot follow the patterns and decides what resources are best fit in the organizational needs. The international level hiring is much similar, only that is it is conducted on a larger scale. The employees are hired form the international market making a diversified work force that helps the company achieve its targets and competitor effectively. The international staffing business has positive impacts on the business as it is able to have more skills in the HR and has the ability to develop strong ties with the local markets and customers in the local communities. The international staffing structures are though complicated, they are effective when the decentralized and transformational leadership –followership patterns are favored by companies.