Case Study: Walgreens Scores Victory with Volunteers

  1. Why was it good for Walgreens to get input from volunteers?

Walgreens has volunteers working in the finance department. These volunteer have been requested to provide their feedback in Walgreens talent and develop and management program. This feedback can prove important for the HR department as they are involved in the talent development and management program. The HR department can use the experience of the volunteers to analyze the different aspects of the working environment at the organization and incorporate this analysis to the talent development and management programs so that they can take full advantage of the program. This feedback can also be utilized for making effective improvements to different departments to enhance their performance.

The feedback also could provide vital information about he volunteers themselves as these individuals can be assessed for long term career opportunities at Walgreens.

  1. Why was it necessary to rely on employee blue-prints to enhance career management in the company?

Walgreens strive to be a best place to the workers. Therefore, it was necessary to rely on employees blue-prints to enhance career management in the company. It enable Walgreens to identify different career tracks in the organization and make assessment of possible training activities that can be provided to the employees to facilitate them to find a suitable promotion path for themselves in the organization.

  1. Why was it important to familiarize individuals in other business functions of the organization? How should this approach help Walgreens?

By familiarizing individuals in other business functions of the organization, Walgreens has tried to let them understand diverse business functions. There are many opportunities that exist in Walgreen. At the same time there are many challenges at different business functions. It is important for the employees to get acquainted with both the opportunities to enhance their careers and the challenges to be better at conflict management and problems resolutions.