Case Study: Performance Management of Netflix

  1. Would you find working at Netflix exciting or frightening? Why?

Netflix has a flexible working environment that can enable creativity and motivation for people like me. I do not like working environments with strict schedules and rules and regulations. Therefore, I would be very excited and happy to work for such an organization. The working standards at the organization are of the highest quality, therefore, I would feel a bit in pressure to live up to the expectations of the organization but I would be able to utilize it as an opportunity to enhance my career.

  1. Can everyone in a company be above average? If so, how can you tell if someone is truly above average?

It is a subjective matter to know if everyone in the company is above average or not. It would really mean on what the definition of the average is. If the average is defined as not so high, everyone can definitely be above average.

To tell about someone being above average, I think they have to visibly perform better than most of the people. This is how I would grade him/her above average.

  1. Are performance evaluations important in this culture?

Performance evaluation is important in any organization not just this one. Performance evaluation is a factor that can keep the employee force motivated to strive for the best and get to a level where his/her evaluation is considered as improved compared to a previous evaluation. In the case study, it has been mentioned that there is not a lot of emphasis on training and development at Netfelx. In my opinion, performance evaluation may let the management think of providing training and development opportunities for their employees.