Describe different approaches to solving ethical dilemmas.

Different approaches to solving ethical dilemmas

When an ethical dilemma is encountered, there must be a systematic path followed to successfully solve the dilemma. Following are some approaches that can be used to solve the ethical dilemma.

The moral-right approach

In this approach, the managers who face ethical dilemmas make decisions which are based on what is right morally. The fundamental human rights of the human beings are looked at and a decision is made accordingly. Some of the rights of humans that would be encountered in making moral right decisions are the right to life of all human beings, their privacy and their health and safety.

The justice Approach

In this approach to resolving ethical dilemmas, the principles of impartiality, equity and fairness are followed. Gender, racial, religious and ethnical impartiality and fairness are some of examples that are followed in the justice approach of ethical decision making.