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1-List the phase of the system development life cycle when you would expect there to be the most testing performed and explain why.

2-Describe the type of systems that the Waterfall SDLC is not suited for and give an example.

3-As a tester what would involve more work for you, the Waterfall Model or the Spiral Model? Explain your answer.

4-The agile method is a newer approach to software development. Discuss the characteristics of the method that makes it ideal for mobile app development.

5-In your own words, describe quality assurance and quality control, explaining the difference between them.

6-Some organizations let the developers do their own testing. Is this a  good or poor testing strategy,  explain why?

7-In your own words, describe the two types of quality, give an example of each in a mobile app

8-Why is testing considered to be a creative and intellectually challenging?

 9-In your own words, describe what is meant by statistical quality assurance.

10-Explain why testing is so important in the maintenance phase of the SDLC and give at least 3 examples of circumstances that might result in changes to the software after deployment.