Why are so many political scientists, historians, and psychologists concerned with presidential character? What are the types of presidential character?

The two main types of presidents that are considered in modern politics is the strong and he weak president. This is to say that a President, in his character can utilize the position to make changes through increased positional powers, or he can take a less impactful role, and allow the entire government to control the fate of the nation and its systems. Strong presidents are usually those who are broadly charismatic to start, and then take this personality trait into their role in office. Barack Obama is a strong president both personally and administratively. Bill Clinton was another strong president, and someone like Dwight Eisenhower was more of a weak president. This does not mean that Clinton was good or more successful than Eisenhower, but simply that his role was larger and stronger as a president. Both Clinton and Eisenhower both actually enjoyed successful Presidencies despite the different way of practicing in their position of power.