How were the imperfections of the Articles of Confederation fixed by the new Constitution?

It is helpful to look at the Constitution as compared to the failed Articles of Confederation because of the way that the Constitution changed the structure of government, as well as the way that economics and other aspects from the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution installed a bicameral legislature that strengthened the central government. There was an incredibly lose, and anemic central governing source with the Article of Confederation that affected the way that interstate commerce worked. Under the Articles of Confederation, the states themselves had more trouble trading between one another than trading with European and other foreign countries. The Constitution strengthened the United States as a federal system, allowing for a number of different levels of government and a system of checks and balances that also limited federal government to a certain, and safe extent.

Another large issue with the way that the federal government could not regulate commerce, a particularly critical issue following the Revolutionary War. States tried to protect their own economies at the expense of the confederation of all the states, which was detrimental. The poor economy led to Shays’ Rebellion, which was an episode that proved another weakness in the loose federal governmental power: there was not central army or military to deal with issues of a military nature. Shays’ rebellion lasted nearly a year because the nation only could call on disorganized state militia to put down the uprising. The Constitution saw to it that the powers of Congress were established in order to control the states from a federal standpoint.