Case Study – CNMC

  1. What are strengths and weaknesses of Children’s national medical centre?

Strengths of Children’s National Medical Centre

The following list of strengths of the Children’s National Medical Centre shows that the centre and its research partners have developed prominent place in the market:

  • The partners of Children’s National Medical Centre have the testing service for HIV and other diseases.
  • The centre and its partners have established HIV testing programs
  • There are also established ED programs for HIV testing
  • The data collected by centre helps in research and development division.
  • The behavioural health programs are effective and is established at Sibley as well as within other DCHCC partners
  • The mental health issues are focused now
  • The patients have access to the services given the large number of facilities
  • The weekly reports of the centre activities keep track of the progress and success.
  • There is a strong bariatric program in all hospitals
  • The programs regarding obesity advocacy are effective
  • The data is collected from visitors and patients that helps in research section
  • The models developed in this section can be duplicated and replicated
  • The other factors related to obesity issues like diabetes, hypertension and others are highlighted.
  • The leadership of childhood asthma @ CNMC are thriving for best management practices
  • The treatment of asthma is a priority for CNMC and Unity
  • The centre is trying to voice the change for asthma issues.

Weaknesses of Children’s National Medical Centre

The following list of the weaknesses addresses the minor issues in the Children’s National Medical Centre management and operations:

  • The primary care doctors do not provide appropriate sex education other because they are not comfortable or there is not sufficient data available.
  • There are limited resources for Sexual Health Education and Prevention
  • There are issues of lack of coordination
  • The access to service is still limited
  • The compliance issues persist as well as the supervision crisis
  • The Mental Health Services poor reimbursement causes issues
  • The understanding of difference between mental health and the behavioural health is non-existent.
  • With heavy traffic of queries the management of time, space and money is a challenge.
  • There are no leaders in asthma management
  • The hospital sometimes do not have sufficient space for treatment
  • There is lack of established asthma programs



  1. What are the opportunities and threats facing Children’s national medical centre?

Opportunities for Children’s National Medical Centre

Following are the opportunities for Children’s National Medical Centre:

  • There is an opportunity for partnership with DC Government campaign to address the issues of sexual health
  • The funding for HIV is available that can be invested in required units
  • There is an opportunity for string national partnerships.
  • The centre has the opportunity to serve the mental health issues
  • The substance abuse issues are not mentioned and served very well, there is need of well-established learning program for substance abuse that can be done by the CNMC
  • The CNMC can work with Department Of Justice for criminals under mental health issues unit
  • The schools and other institutes should be considered for education
  • The issues of Alcoholism need to be addressed and CNMC can help in this regard.
  • Partnership with programs that are already running to expand the reach of services to more patients and communities
  • Partnership with campaigns addressing the issues of diet and weight loss
  • Partnership with smoking and tobacco substances units

Threats of Children’s National Medical Centre

Following lists are the threats faced by Children’s National Medical Centre:

  • There is poor coordination with intergovernmental units
  • The community based stigma persists
  • The cultural and the racial factors sometimes deny services to potential community members
  • There is lack of safe sex education
  • The education of substance abuse and the behavioural issues are not discussed like stress and anxiety
  • There are poor facilities of the mental health programs
  • The use of Marijuana and its effects are not considered
  • There is a lack of nutritionists
  1. What are the strategic factors facing Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC)?

The strategic factors that the Children’s National Medical Centre should focus on include the availability of sufficient funds to expand the services to the largest number of communities. The communities that do not have access to the services of the centre face difficulty in reaching out to valid information centres. The strategic focus of the centre should be to invest in the development of better chances for public to be able to get the services that are already offered and improve these services further. The other strategic focus of the centre should be on the development and maintenance of the relationship with partners, patients and other community service providers to establish community based national standards of learning, teaching and prevention for abuse, sexual health issues and mental health issues.



  1. Does Children’s National Medical Center have any core competencies? If yes, what are they?

The CNMC is a health care providing centre with core competencies in the area of cancer and immunology, translational sciences, genetic medicine research, molecular physiology research and the neuroscience research. The centres of the CNMC are aiding in the research and development of the new medicines and treatment process to help get better cure and facilities for public. The CNMC offers the services of paediatric emergency, endocrinology, trauma, neonatal acre, cardiology, oncology, neurosurgery, metabolic diseases, orthopaedics, and respiratory disorders. There are other issues focused by the CNMC including the diseases of ears, nose and throat.

The medicine development centres and the research centres working on the treatment establishment have found new cures and are working hard to provide this cure to as much patients as possible.

  1. Does Children’s National Medical Center have a distinctive competency? If yes, what is it?

The distinctive competencies of the Children’s National Medical Centre include the learning and technology wing that helps public learn regarding the diseases and prevention. The educational facilities are provided to both internal and external physicians, the professionals in the health departments and the nurses. There are different programs offered by CNMC to learn and teach new projects and health issues. The learning n detaching is done through the fellowships, residency, graduate medical education, internships, on house jobs trainings, and other medical education in the continuing education in various areas of medical sciences.

There are different units of services in Virginia, Delaware, Washington DC, and Maryland. This expands the reach of the medical services offered to the community.

  1. How can Children’s National Medical Center develop a sustainable strategy for the future?

The sustainable strategy for the future of the Children’s National Medical Centre should be to develop better relationship with new and already existing partners and establish new standards of medical and treatment sciences. The centre should also consider developing string ties with the governmental and other international programs to aid the health programs focusing on children and adult health.

  1. How is Technology important to Children’s National Medical Center future?

The technology is the core part of the development and for Children’s National Medical Centre the use of technology is prominent. The treatment and other testing and processes are required to be improved through technology and other tools to help the centre have excellent based services offered to the general public. The services offered by the Children’s National Medical Centre will be improved through the use of technology as well as the data management and use of this data from the communities to find most appropriate cures for the diseases. The technology can also be used for the education and training purposes for long distance learning programs.