Part One

Download Free Solution Here: Days

I wish to be able to enter a day of the week into one cell for example

A1 = Wednesday

and when I enter that day the day will appear in Cell (eg) E4 but then I want that E5 is the following day and E6 follows on from that


So if I enter Wednesday into A1

E4 will read Wednesday

E5 will read Thursday

E6 Will read Friday

E7 will read Saturday

E8 Will Read Sunday

and so on and then re-starts back to Monday and so on

But I do not want any day to show up in E1 to E3 if Wednesday was the first day of the week.

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Part two

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I enter a date number in cell B1

I wish to have that date enter in Cell F5

Example Cell B1 Reads 1

Cell F5 should read 1

Cell F6 should read 2

Cell F7 reads 3 and so on

But the Cells may start from F1 through to F40 so If the number 1 goes into F7 I want F1 to F6 to remain blank but I want F8 to read 2 and F9 to read 3 and so on

Also can I allow for a leap year?

Download Free Solution Here: Dates