Movie Overview: Mooz-lum (2010)

The movie, namely Mooz-lum, is written by Qasim Basis, who is known to make similar African American independent films that teach some kind of specific lesson. However, the movie Mooz-lum has a completely different dynamic. The movie has been seen as an iconic movie, which consists of many symbols that have come into the making around the same kind of culture. The movie focuses on the happenings and aftermath of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. The movie keeps this theme as a central basis for the racism ad stereotype that has been made about the Muslims ever since and the pain and human rights violation that Muslims have had to go through ever since the start of the September 11 attacks.

Firstly, the movie diverts racism and ethnocentrism towards Muslim in several ways. The impact upon Muslims is discussed briefly when it comes to the concept of terrorism ever since the September 11 attacks. This is evidently seen since the Muslims, even the African American Muslims, who were not even linked with the bombing, are being threatened and verbally attacked as well as humiliated I the public (Hayes, 2013). Everyone sees them as murderers simply because they behave like Muslims.

Secondly, it is also discussed s to how the main protagonist of the film, Tariq Mahdi, is seen as a kid who is helped by others to recover from his bad experiences in early childhood. Tariq Mahdi is approached by several people in a bid to make his life even better, which is when the September 11 attacks occur and Tariq Mahdi is left in a world of spiraling hate. He is hated upon by most of the same people who were actually helping him settle in the society (Hayes, 2013). This is how cultural bias is shown within the movie. People use ethnocentrism to blame him simply because they or their group could not have been expected to drop a terrorist attack, and since Muslims can easily be blamed of such actions.

Thirdly, it is also mentioned as to how the lives of Muslims changed in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. This change envisages the brutality of the Americans against all Muslim populations and cultures since they are just adamant on diminishing the Muslim culture from the United States of America, as they believe that Muslims carry terrorism and with the expulsion of Muslims, would the expulsion of terrorism become even majorly possible.

Therefore, it is discussed in three brief ways as to how the Muslim community is seen and affected by the American community in the United States of America after and within the September 11 attacks. The Muslim culture, and its threat to other seemingly non-violent cultures is also shown and it is discussed as to how stupid and utterly disgusting this approach is. In conclusion, it can be said that while the Muslim culture is threatened in the United States of America, it still gains more pace and spreads more quickly in the United States of America in current times, and no act similar to September 11 attacks can ever repel it out of the country so quickly.