Social Media

We’re Not Connected, We’ve Just MASTERED LONELINESS

We have all along been thinking that we are connected through our continuous use of social media but that is a lie to ourselves. It has become very hard for most of us to go through a conversation with our friends without checking at our phones. We always keep looking at our Facebook, twitter or Instagram accounts for the newest updates from our social media friends. This behavior has a great impact on our socializing habit and it leads us to become more isolated than ever before. During conversations, we tend to give more attention to our social media networks as opposed to talking to real people about real issues in our society.

Since social media is here to stay with us, it would be nice for us to stop counting our “likes” and start living a normal lives full of good memories without using social media. This is because at the end of the day, it is our friends who can make us happy since social media cannot earn us that spontaneous laughter we all sincere. Let us try to connect to our friends in a sincere and honest manner by engaging them fully when we meet them.