We all wear cultural blinders, and as a result we must often have to overcome substantial barriers in trying to communicate with people from other countries. This is a major problem for international advertisers as they seek to promote their brands around the world. To overcome this problem and avoid errors in advertising planning, cross-cultural audience analysis is needed. Such analyses involve evaluation of economic conditions, demographic characteristics, and cultural and political/legal variables. Choose one of these variables and discuss how it has created a problem or challenge for a company in developing an advertising and promotional program in a specific country.


The companies operating globally are in a situation of facing difficulties in advertising their product in the same manner in every country. For example economic conditions where countries have weak economy it’s difficult to advertise the products have high prices and advertising differentiated products with low advertisement decreases the brand name and reputation. demographic characteristics play an important role in advertising the brand it not possible to advertise Bikini’s in Islamic states, and advertising condoms are also difficult in Islamic state and also some other states. Therefore the organizations are required to think carefully before making an advertisement plan for global advertisement. The same is the issue with political and legal variables. One of the latest example is the decision of Carl’s Jr. and Hardees about advertising the products with bikini wearing models who looks hot eating Hardees Burgers will help to increase the sales and attract the customers to Hardees products. This decision may be good for those states who allow for such advertising but very surely these advertisement are strictly banned in number of states as it influence under age children. Most of the political systems also do not allow because of minority support, therefore such kind decisions in advertisement may be good for some countries but a careful thinking is required before deciding on the advertisement strategy.