Sample Business Marketing and Advertisement  Plan

Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 3

Situation Analysis. 4

Historical context 4

Industry analysis. 5

Market analysis. 5

Competitor analysis. 6

Objectives. 7

Quantitative benchmarks. 7

Measurement methods and criteria for success. 7

Time frame. 9

Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy. 10

Execution. 10

    Media Plan. 10

    IMC Tools. 10

Budgeting. 12

    Methods. 12

    Amount 13

    Justification. 13

Evaluation. 13

    Criteria. 13

Conclusion. 14



Executive Summary

The Business Crush Food Chain Restaurant aims to target the traditional restaurant customer market and the focused group within it that is health conscious through effective media and marketing means to promote health conscious diet and awareness regarding the food products offered in the restaurants. The heavy marketing is required in order to establish the business and promote it as a unique business to offer entertainment and preferred healthy food to the targeted focused group.


The contacts of the person form organization is provided below


Ali Alnaeem

Streetway New York, NY 10002, USA



Situation Analysis


The current advertising strategy of the Crush Food chain Restaurant is in door advertising done through physical media. The restaurant advertising is not being done on a large scale and only the customers provided data is used to spread information and new trends in the restaurant. The company is new and hence there is less number of customer market known to its products and specialties. The information is being advertised using the media like cell phone messages, emails and local newspaper.


The Crush Food chain Restaurant cover diver customer market including traditional, continental and fast food items in its menu while the overall stance of the restaurant is traditional. The problem with the current advertising strategies is that the current customers are low in number because they do not know of the business and is products. The media used are limited and there is need to develop connection with the customers market. Since the business serves a diverse demographic customer market, it is required that business is able to target the customers based on their interest and priorities in food. There is an opportunity for the business to identify the potential customers market base do their interest in food and target these markets subsections according to the product that are most demanded amongst the customers.


Historical context

The principal player of the business Ali Almaadeed came up with the business plan and idea after analyzing the current industry and market and its demands. The main focus was established based on the facts that there is large part of the customer market still not served with the variety of food and healthy diet options though there are many gyms and health care centers in the neighborhood and the number of restaurants and dine out places are also high in number.


The brand does not only targets the traditional, continental and fast food items seeking customers but also the health conscious people how are willing to follow a healthy diet plan and also enjoy the dinner out with friends and families. The critical moments during the inception of the business included convincing the investors who were presented with the idea of a unique restaurant that tapped into various sections of food items. 

Industry analysis

The food industry in the New York and overall America is progressing in terms of its variety of food and in terms of its operations that are being designed and run on latest technologies. The development in the industry and the more open and customer oriented approach have made the industry highly competitive and also full of opportunities. There is a huge market on the supply side willing to provide a variety of products in limited time. The standards are being met by the industry and each operating business must follow the standards and policies developed by the food authorities.


The competition is healthy where new needs are identified and there is reasonable number of businesses in local market. The health conscious customer market is targeted by the manufacturers and the product producers who focus on selling the final goods. There are still a small number of food chains and restaurants offering traditional food items and also serving the health conscious customers.


Market analysis

The demand of side of the market is segmented into main groups based on preference of food product and the preferences of the food preparation. The main food items include the vegetarians, meat lovers, fast food, continental, international and traditional. The preparation process segmentation includes the factors like halal items use in the production of the final product. There are further segmentations in the fast food and other categories. There is a large demand for the customer market and a large number of customers like to dine out or order form the restaurants and nearby cafes.


The current discussed business Crush Food chain Restaurant serves customers who like traditional, continental and fast food in a traditional environment but also those who are health conscious and seek entertainment and dine out with their family and friends without being ended up the only person who orders shake or a drink. Apart from the main market, the market segment that the business can focus are the health conscious customers looking for health food items that help them maintain their diet plans.


The factors that derive and determine the additional market of the conscious is the business approach in introducing the most desires healthy food items and the use of product that are approved by the specialists and health researchers. By allowing the customers to realize that the business has a strong background on the healthy diet plans and their use, the business can attract more market and customers.

The business currently is positioned as the regular restaurant with unique taste and healthy products and the market one of the few first restaurant providing entertainment and food items to health conscious and diet conscious people through a unique, high quality, healthy menu. The current position of the business is full of opportunity because the placement of the business is effective to capture attention of health conscious customers. Also the current customer market is become aware of the healthy diet and prefers drinks and edibles that do not affect their health regimes or exercises.

Competitor analysis

The general food market is the competitors for the traditional services and products offered at the Crush Food Chain restaurants. Moreover the main and highlighted feature of the Crush Food Chain restaurant is to serve the health conscious customers market. The main competitors so far in terms of disseminating fact based knowledge n guidance in healthy diet plans and cuisines are the local gym and health centers that offer guidance in the process of exercises and determine the diet plans for their customers. There is an opportunity in this competition as well. The customers who get to know what are the best diets for their exercises and body type look for restaurants where they can get entertained and also enjoy healthy delicious food. This is the advance and an opportunity for the Crush Food Chain Restaurant.


As a restaurant in terms of the place where entertainment is provided to the customers who are health conscious and help they maintain their diets with healthy, fresh and tasty food other than swallowing tasteless and routine boring diets and shakes. This is the strength of the business to provide something the customer desire the most and also something that they would like – the environment of the restaurant, to have with the main product- food. The customers will also attract to the health and tasty food items offered at the restaurant.


The threat to the business is that the customers are well aware and have their own conscious regarding their personal styles, diet and lifestyles. The increased information to the customers makes them stronger and they are always looking for something new. A new entrant with a closed pack gym system and the free information and counseling would be a threat to the business since it aims to also run as a traditional restaurant. Here the weakness is identified for the business. The business does not have the plan to extend its operations and provide the health care center activities. The restaurant aims to provide traditional environment of the restaurant and dine out but it also aims to attract customers hence creating an attractive game and activities place within the restaurant would be an option that business can opt to avoid such threat and cover its weaknesses against the competitors. 


Every advertising plan is developed to address or focus on some set of objectives. The current business aims to establish its ground in the industry, the local market and also with the focused group- health conscious customers.


The new advertising strategy aims to accomplish the following objectives

  1. Introduce the business to the potential customer market and the market in general
  2. Identify the best approaches to reach out to the customers in general targeted market and the focused group
  3. Increase brand awareness and spread brand name
  4. Introduce brand as the health conscious customer friendly restaurant
  5. Introduce healthy and fresh products that are suitable to the customer’s needs.
  6. Target the customers who are health conscious but also like to dine out
  7. Target the customers with a verity of interest in food items


Quantitative benchmarks

The quantitative benchmarks of the business are given below. These benchmarks will help business mark its targets and its goals to help achieve day to day activities. The business aims to target the focused group and the customer market side by side.

  1. Increase sales by 10 %
  2. Increase brand awareness by 20%
  3. Increase per customer purchase of brand by 10%
  4. Increase awareness on health issues and healthy food 10%


Measurement methods and criteria for success

The measurement method to each of the above discussed objectives is given below. These measurement methods will help determine where the business is progressing towards its goals and where lacks in its operations is and need to review its practices.


  1. Increase sales by 10 %


The measurement for sales increase can be done through achieving the targets and measuring how much of the target is achieved. The remaining slot will show the business inability to generate sales. The sales growth performance can also be measured through the following factors

  1. Quantity – sales volume, dollar revenue generated, accounts acquired, customer visits
  2. Quality – customer relationship satisfaction, margin achieved, more sold products, most visits in food items
  3. Timeliness – results, reports, process time for food service
  4. Service effectiveness- service nature and fulfillment of standards and codes
  5. Cost effectiveness – operations done within agreed expense budgets


  1. Increase brand awareness by 20%


The measurement for the brand awareness determines how much the business has been successful to engage the customers in the business and its products. There are three factors that can be used to determine how much of the brand awareness practices are working for the business advantages.

  1. Impression- the impression is important part of the advertising and marketing. The impression is an expansive detail to the products. The impression determines how many of the customers have laid eyes on the business products and their advertising.
  2. Customer engagement- how much the customers engage in the business activities. The customers following the business website and the social media websites pages can determine how the customers are thinking about the products and the business itself. The business sections that are most visited will determine the success and how the product is being reviewed or the feedback is being given. All the factors that are linked with customer engagement help determine the brand awareness and business presence in the market.
  3. Reach and frequency- the reach and frequency of the customers to the business and the products determine how much they knew about the products and what product are being ignored altogether. If the products are ignored and not visited at all there is need to review the methods to market these particular products and market them along with their category of the food.



  1. Increase per customer purchase of brand by 10%


The measurement for the brand purchase can be done through simple accounts that determine which food items are most liked and sold out frequently. The measurement will be on how many customers visit and how many of them ordered the food items out of the specific category.


  1. Increase awareness on health issues and healthy food 10%


The first measure to this objective would be to determine how many customers visit are from the category – sub segment- who are health conscious. Then determine what product they have ordered the most and liked the most. The frequency of the each of the server product out of mean will determine what set of product with the focused group category are liked and how the other products can be improved in order to increase the overall sales of the health conscious customer category. The success of the category will be determined by how many of the category products are sold, to whom they are sold and frequency of the product sales.


Time frame

The time frame for each objective is given below

Objective Time frame (to measure)
Increase sales by 10 %


Sales measured in third month, quarter and monthly measurement of sales
Increase brand awareness by 20%


Every month patterns of sales, quarter and seasonal
Increase per customer purchase of brand by 10%


Every month, quarter and seasonal
Increase awareness on health issues and healthy food 10%


First month, measurement after every four months, twice a year and annually


Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy


  • Creative Strategy


The business will use social media and local news channels to market the business and its products to focus group and other wise. To achieve its objectives there is need to advertise the business and its products in food related news channels and published media.


The campaign theme will be based on healthy, fresh and delicious did that is providing along with traditional restaurant environment. The tagline for such marketing will be “Enjoy your Healthy Meal”.


The outline appeal will be healthy and fresh ingredients used in the products and the healthy standards of the health conscious customers targeted. The same strategy will be copied on the other product categories.



ü  Media Plan

Print media would be the first best choice since it is accessible to all and those who seek new and improved places around their neighborhood usually follow the print media for such information. The advertisement over the Social media will be highly effective because it is the means to reach out to a large number of people with lower cost. But their business needs to make sure it has back end display developed that is the business website prepared and accompanied with full information. The website effects the customer perception of the business hence the website needs to be highly attractive.

ü  IMC Tools

The restaurant brand name and the logo will be used along with its tagline to attract all customers to a diverse restaurant. The social media and print media will all carry the same taglines and that taglines will be used to promote sales of the seasonal products an the special new additions in the menu. This effort will form an image of a brand that will be recognized with its logo, tagline and the brand name.


The following means of the advertisement will have the discussed effects.


      • Advertising


The advertisement will have the attractive pictures of the food items and the highlighted   ingredient that will be to target the health conscious customers. The brand quality       standards and its loyalty with the customers claimed will develop personal level of       relations with the customers.


      • Direct Marketing


Direct marketing will have the tools like mobile marketing and billboards to directly             communicate with the customers. The radio and TV channels are also an attractive option for the business promotion. The billboards will be used to promote the seasonal events      while the social media mobile marketing will be done to keep customers connected with    the business and updated.


  • Interactive/Internet Marketing


The internet marketing will include the websites and the social media websites created under the business name to promote the events, new products and offer surprises and attractive deals to the customers.


  • Support Media


The support media will include the websites like food panda and places that offers guidance’s and reviews on the restaurants and help to find nearby dine in place.



  • Sales Promotion


The sales promotion will be done through social media and the royalty cards given to the customers with frequent visits.


  • Public Relations/Publicity/Corporate Marketing


Public relations will be maintained through the business owners and the business managers will promote the products and take in reviews and feedback of their customers personally in order to connect it the customers.




ü  Methods

The advertising plan would follow the budgeting method of share of market/voice for the business Crush Food Chain Restaurant. The share of market/voice determines the voice of the business being developed in the market and the market share being developed. At this stage the business needs to capture the market share and the target here should be to allocate the same percent of the budget as the voice is and then target to achieve the same level of the customer market share.


If the same level of customer market share is not achieved then the budget is being lower than the requirements and if the market share has been achieved with lower budget amount the rest of the budget allocated is wasted. This approach will help align the effort with the targeted market share.


The approach will work for the organization at this stage because the business needs to make new customers and attract customers. In order to capture the customer market and retain them there is need to spend higher budget on the customer communication and development of strong relationship that in hospitality industry need to be maintained with time and with proper means.

ü  Amount

The itemized cost of the new and current budget is being provided below.


  Current Budget New Budget
Website design an maintenance $5,000 $3,000
ad production and distribution $20,000 $20,000
Social media advertising   $5,000
Outdoor advertising   $20,000
Mobile marketing   $8,000
Promotions and deals offered   $10,000
Membership plans   $5,000
Total $25,000 $76,000


ü  Justification

The new budget is higher than the current budget because currently the marketing activities are so limited that the business has not been able to establish its status as a multi customer serving business in the market. In order to capture the attention of the customer market the business needs to spend heavily in the marketing and attract as many customers market share as it hopes to target in the overall customer market.



ü  Criteria

Plan timeline is given below

Activities Time
Industry analysis 2 weeks
Market analysis 2 weeks
Competitors analysis 1 week
Formation of objectives/ measurements 1 week
Creative strategy 1 week
Budgeting 2 weeks


The successful execution of the plan will determine its success. Through following elements

  • Accomplished in time
  • With effectiveness
  • Maintained high quality level, standards
  • Alignment with business mission



Customer awareness has been the significant element for the business success in the food industry. The customers have the power to choose from a variety of choices and change the trends in the market. The business must establish strong connected ion with the customers market and offer as much information as it can related to the business and its products. Using the social media and the mobile marketing along with promotional deals and discounts will attract customers and increase their interests.