Professional sports teams are concerned about the decline in youth attendance at games. Develop a ten-question survey aimed at young people, aged 12-18, that would help an organization design promotional strategies aimed at increasing youth attendance at games. Then, outline a social media campaign you would launch to re-engage this target market. 

Sports – A Teenager’s Windfall Survey

(A 10-item survey for youth ranging 12-18 years of age)

  1. Are you fond of sports?

Yes                 No

2. What sports do you often watch/like the most?





Others: ____________________

3. Who were/was the first person/s to introduce you to this kind of sport?



I just figured it out myself.

4. Do you play this kind of sport?

Yes                             No, I just enjoy watching it.

5. If yes, how much of your time do you use for playing?

1 hour

2 hours

3 hours or more than

6. What makes you like this kind of sport?

I like how great the players are.

My friends/siblings like this sport so I have come to like it, too.

This kind of sport inspires me to be one of the players someday in the future.

Others: __________________________________________________

7. Do you benefit in watching sports?

Yes                             No

8. If yes, what type of benefit do you get? (Faigenbaum and Westcott, 2009)

It is a form of bonding within my circle of friends.

It helps me improve my analytic skills by observing how the players move and play strategically.

Others: __________________________________________________

9. Why do you think most teenagers nowadays lose interest in sports?

Sports events tickets are expensive.

A sports events venue may not be easily accessible in terms of distance and transportation costs.

Social media has become an option for watching sports (livestreaming).

    10. Do you think that watching sports may not only be for pleasure but can also be a form of stress reliever physically and psychologically?

Yes                             No

Sports is a good way to enhance the skills of any person. Teens and young children are encouraged to become active in any kind of sports, not just for fun and enjoyment, but for a healthier cause in physical, psychological, and social aspects. With the surge of social media and internet exposure, young people are straying away from healthier activities like sports, and becoming less involved physically in games that they themselves are fans of.


Teenagers are always able of becoming as much as they want to (Fitzgerald, 2009). The sole problem is that sometimes, a lack of commitment and desire exists. Surprisingly, this downfall may be minimized, if not totally overcome, by ads and promotional tools to attract once again the youth towards the fun and healthy world of sports. One type of advertisement is giving of flyers, and sticking posters that show the multifaceted roles of sport and physical activity in society (Woods, 2011). A simple brochure with motivating statements that will wake the sleeping athlete among teenagers, and make themselves more involved in watching sports events – live, can also be a good method.