Little MissMatched: Innovations in Retailing

One of the key components of the retail mix is location. Why did Little MissMatched choose their specific retail locations?

Because the areas were heavily trafficked.

select Because they were told to. Because the locations were inexpensive. Because the areas were heavily trafficked. Because the areas were convenient. Because they had no other choice.

  1. 2.

Little MissMatched has chosen to sell their socks for about $8.00 per pack and their bedding at $110 for a complete bedding ensemble. This is a reflection of the ________ component of Little MissMatched’s retail mix.


select pricing communication location design service

  1. 3.

Little MissMatched’s primary ______________is young girls and teens who are looking for creative ways to express themselves.

target market

select design team research audience facilitator communication group target market

  1. 4.

Little MissMatched’s unique merchandise strategy focuses on ____________ for young girls.