Write a one-page summary of information about the last sports event you attended.  Include information a competitor would like to know about the event.  How did you hear about the event? What other media was used to promote the event? Did there appear to be any big sponsors? If so, who were they and why do you think they chose to sponsor this event? How did you buy your ticket and how much did you pay? What was really done well at the event? What could have been done better?


The last sports event I attended to was a sports fest held in my cousin’s college campus in UAE, when I visited there for a vacation. A battle between the colors red, blue, yellow, and green consists of the school’s student body. It was an annual event held by the school for the students right after their midterm examination, to uplift their spirits right after hell week, release all the stress they endured during the exams, and promote peace, friendship, cooperation and understanding among the students, teachers, parents, and school staff. Such are the purposes of such events, as according to Juan Antonio Samaranch, a well-known sports administrator (Miller, 1992). The event was sponsored by the alumni of batch 2012-2013, as well as Coca-Cola, and Dev BPO. Beverages sold in kiosks were exclusively Coca-Cola products, and the company has its own kiosks as well. Dev BPO set up a section right in front of the main entrance, and there were employees (probably) who gave away fliers for job openings. Those interested were chatted by the employees, and presented with their company’s accomplishments. It was organized by the student council, the faculty, and the staff. Parents Association also pitched in.

It was promoted via the college’s official website, club’s Facebook groups and the school’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Posters and streamers were also made and put within the campus. Fliers and tickets were given to non-residents of the campus, parents of students, and nearby schools. Tickets were sold for $1 each for the students, and $5 for the alumni, and $3 for outsiders who want to watch the games. There was also a fair inside the campus, where tents and kiosks, as well as small rides and theme-park games were installed.

One of the main goals of the event is to improve the students’ cooperation and collaborative efforts while working as a team, develop their sense of responsibility and purpose for each game they play, individual relationship with other members, sportsmanship and professionalism, and a high level of commitment to both their team and goals for success. In my opinion, this setting does not just apply to team sports, but also in other aspects of life which requires team work. The way a team plays as a whole determines its success (Leslie,1997).

The event held 8 different team sports including basketball, volleyball and water polo. The colors for each team correspond to colleges or departments of the school. For instance, the College of Engineering and Technological Studies as well as the Budget and Finance, and Career Section divisions of the school, belong to the red team. College of Arts and Letters, with the Office of Student Affairs and Office of Publications and Administrative Works are all in the blue team. So basically all competitors for the games came from just the whole school.

Students were all required to take part in the event, even in the most menial tasks such as painting the school fences, cleaning the stadium after every game, and giving free lollipops at the gate to kids who visit the school during the event. The sports fest lasted for a week, but I was only there to watch the final basketball and volleyball games. My ticket was paid free by my cousin of course, and we brought our other relatives and friends with us. The students played like professional athletes; giving their all to win. After the final games, and at the end of the weeklong fest, was the awarding ceremony. Red team won as the overall champion, winning most of the games especially basketball and volleyball. Green team were the least performing team, although their bet in archery and swimming won the gold. Their players showed sportsmanship, and everyone congratulated each other – both winners and those who lost in the games. Overall I think the event was efficiently done, and I don’t see any needs for improvement. The places were cleaned right after the event, and the students and school staff were very disciplined.