Case Study: Apple


The case study is about the various steps carried out to make the Apple Store unique and attractive to Apple Customers. The case discusses in detail the layout design and different factors influencing this design at any Apple Store. There are also details of different customer services that are offered at the Apple Stores.


  1. Have you ever visited an Apple store? If yes, did you make a purchase? Why or why not?

Yes, I have visited an Apple Store several times. In fact, I am one of the loyal apple customer. The first time I visited an Apple store was to buy an iPhone 5. I actually did make an iPhone 5 purchase during that first visit. There were many factors that influenced my purchasing decision. The first was the fact that I had enough money. Apple products are famous for being expensive. The second thing was the ease at which I could use the items at display. I was able to hold them in my hand and walk around with it. The third factor was the quality of the iPhone 5 itself. It had a clear display and a very good picture quality. The final factor was the professional behavior of the customer services representative. He guided me in using the iPhone 5 and explained different advantages that it had over its competitors.

  1. Why are Apple’s store layout and atmosphere important?

Apple Store layouts are important because it is unique in its own way. It has been designed in way that can easily influence its customers to buy their products. It follows a free-form layout. Customers can walk around the store and browse according to their interests. The amount of lighting focused on an item attracts customers and created and excitement. The stores are strategically designed where highlighted products can easily attract customers towards themselves. Apple employees are present everywhere to help the customers with their inquiries.

  1. Is Apple America’s best retailer?

Being a loyal apple customer, I would say that Apple is the best American retailer. Apple has the best products that are famous for their quality and durability. In 2007, Fortune called Apple to the best retailer in the US (Useem, 2007) for the first time and since then there is no stopping. Its profits are growing rapidly (“Apple – Press Info – Apple Reports Record Fourth Quarter Results,” 2015) and it has an increasing loyal customer base.

  1. Visit your local Apple store. Does the layout of the store help to provide you with an excellent customer experience? Explain.

I recently visited my local Apple Store as a requirement of this assignment. I had visited this Apple store after 3 months and there were visible changes in the layout. The customer services desk had been moved to the opposite corner. I believe that it was moved in order to provide customer more room to walk and browse around the store. The wall on the left side was used to display apple mac books and desktops and the right side was used to display iPhones and iPads. There are only a few number of items in every apple store, therefor, unlike other electronics stores, it is easy to make a purchasing decision. I think that the brightness and a combination of light colors has been used that might have some psychological effects. I say this because I never get bored at an apple store while I can’t spend a much time at other electronic stores.



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