Our text discusses the scope of the international marketing task. There are not only elements we can control, but many that are beyond our control.  Based on your readings and the videos for this module, write a paper describing the added elements of the international marketing task when a company goes from strictly domestic marketing to international marketing.


International Marketing Task is defined as the activities that take place before the innovative marketing outside the native or the parent country of the entrepreneurs. In fact, the tasks may consist of the following aspects:

  1. Knowledge of the clients’ purchasing mindsets
  2. Knowledge of the existing Market Trends and the developments
  3. Knowledge about the potential competitive environment
  4. Knowledge regarding the alternative products
  5. Performance of the PEST Analysis
  6. Performance of the SWOT analysis
  7. Determination of the right “promotional mixture” for the application in the business environment
  8. Pricing, Costs, etc.

The above tasks are directly related to the financial aspects/budget of the companies. Indeed, the International marketers’ tasks are considered more problematical in contrast to those of the local marketers since the international marketers have to manage successfully no less than two key phases of unmanageable uncertainties rather than one. In fact, the “uncertainty” is bound to take place as a result of unmanageable features of all business milieus, through the foreign countries where the companies incorporate their distinctive set of unmanageable aspects.


Its impacts

Indeed, the various uncontrollable factors could impact the results of the marketing plans of many companies. For example, the factors competition, traditions, legal, and governmental sanctions could impact the results of the plans. The international marketers are unable to manage the disorderly factors. However, they should be prepared to espouse them with the aim of managing their business successfully. The international marketers learn to shape the controllable factors, for example, the price structure, products, promotion and place of the goods about the outline of the uncontrollable factors. Although, the marketing concepts in the contemporary business environment are similar in domestic markets and internationally, the business environment is critical since it continues to change within each country, and also amongst all the countries of the world.