From the global reach of the Olympics to local 5ks for charity, sponsorships are fast becoming an integral part of corporate integrated marketing communications plans. Find 3 examples (along with supporting materials such as print ads, web ads, commercials, etc.) of different types of sponsorships corporations are currently engaging in. Analyze the reasons for the sponsorships (who they are trying to reach, benefits the sponsorships give the company, etc.), and evaluate whether or not you think the strategy is wise/effective.


Sponsorship advertising is an advertisement in which organizations organize some events for example a concert arrangement or environmental charity or free medical camps for poor. It helps organizations two folded one is it’s a source of advertisement and second it helps to do something for those who cannot afford and attracts a specific class of customers. For example British Airways is participating in climate stability by applying technology to reduce air noise and use the products that can be recycled. British Airways is also in a corporate partnership with Comic Relief. And generates donation for customers to help for children projects. Further Virgin is also involved in different charity sponsorship for different charity projects. Furthermore, Walmart is also engage in charity work and has created a foundation for this purpose. This kind of activities helps the companies to advertise and attract the customers and make the customers to think that they are paying for some cause and prefer such organizations involved in charitable work.