Ubiquitous Offices provides temporary office space in cities around the country. They have a standard office layout that is a single floor with outside dimensions of 150 feet wide by 150 feet long. The interior is dry wall offices. They have 100Base-T but want to add wireless access as well.

  1. How many access points would you buy, and where would you put them? In your report, please explain in detail how you came to these decisions.

Is this case there is no need for more than one wireless access points. If I had to recommend a solution I would go with a 300 squares meter radius Wifi router which is easily available in the market (“Wifi Indoor 300 Square Meters”). They also reduce data duplication (Fitzgerald, & Dennis, 2014). I would locate the wireless access point somewhere in the middle of the house for an even distribution of the Wifi signal. The office is 150 X 150 feet, therefor there would be no issue in getting a good signal on wireless devices.

  1. Draw the office and show where the access points would go.

In the office diagram, I have placed the Wifi access point in the middle of the office.