If the Tylenol incident were to happen today and you were a user of Tylenol, would Johnson & Johnson be able to win back your trust?

            I think that if the whole incident with Tylenol happened today, I would not be able to gain their trust back. Many things are different now than they were back when the incident with Tylenol made by Johnson & Johnson occurred. Social media is stronger than ever and would make the conflict more widespread and known than it was in the past. As to why I would not be able to gain their trust back is simple. They let such a costly mistake occur that ended up killing people, which I would not be able to shake.

We buy medicine to help ourselves manage pain and other symptoms, and the addition of cyanide into Tylenol is unforgivable. I would not be able to fully guarantee that Johnson & Johnson avoids future mistakes like this. If I cannot fully trust a company that is manufacturing medicine that could potentially kill me, or alter my body, I would never do so. I would turn to a company that has more thorough processes, and a better management system that would not allow for these mishaps. Even though they totally revolutionized the caps to the medicine bottles, I would not be able to forget the situation at hand.