What would it take for Johnson & Johnson to win back your trust if one of the victims was a friend of yours?

If I had a friend or family member that was one of the victims of the Johnson & Johnson crisis. As it is, I have already stated that I would not be able to trust the Tylenol manufacturer again, so if it was my friend I do not know what it would take to earn the trust back. If I am completely honest, I don’t think that they would ever earn my trust back at all.

If I had to think of a way for them to earn my trust back it would be a very strict process. I would have to hear multiple times why what happened did, and what they did to ensure it will never happen again. I would question each step of their process of improvement and make sure that there are no loopholes. I would stress the management of employees because if bad apples are working for a great company they have the ability to do bad things, like adding cyanide to a mixture. I would make sure that the employees have some sort of video monitoring if they are manufacturing things that go inside people’s bodies. This way the videos can be reviewed before shipping the drugs to different stores around the world.

If this were to happen, even with something such as adding cyanide to Tylenol, the management team would have a way to review footage and flag the batch of products, so they are not consumed.  If there were strict guidelines that were guaranteed to work I would be able to trust Johnson & Johnson, however; I do not think that is possible because if it were possible, the problem never would have happened in the first place.