Suppose you are going to connect the computes in your house or apartment. What media would you use? Why? Would you change this if you were building a new house? Please discuss with your classmates.

Looking at the nature of the data my home computers will be sharing and the speed they need to share information, I would opt for a Wifi router. It will serve me two main purposes, first is that the computers at my home will be able to share files and second is they all will be able to share the internet. This is a cost effective solution with no data cables going around a home.

Wifi networks do have security issue if someone hack in to it. But I don’t think so that my home computer network possess such information that will make it worthy of a planned hacker attack.

If I were building a new home, then it’s a complete different scenario. I would definitely install a LAN equipped with quality data cables. It is secure and fast as compared to a Wifi network.