Read the “Eureka!” Mini-case in chapter 6 of your text. Eureka has just leased a new office and are about to wire it. They have bids from different companies to install (a) a shared Ethernet 100Base-T network, (b) a switched Ethernet 100Base-T network, or (c) a 54 mbps wireless network. What would you recommend? Why? Support your answer with references. Discuss with your classmates.

Eureka can either use the 100Base-T option or the 54 mbps Wireless Network, looking at its plans for more staff and some extra services to the customers in the coming future.

100BaseT is 10 times faster than the traditional Ethernet (“What Is 100Base-T (IEEE 802.3U)? Webopedia Definition”). It will help the robust network that Eureka is planning to adopt to.

If the choice is the 54mbps wireless network, there must be enough wireless access points for the employees and all others who are authorized to use the network.


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