You are planning on taking your current company to the global market. In a a 4-6 page paper in APA format discuss how you will go about making the change to the global market. What steps will you take? What will you need to make it happen?



Global market planning for ALDI


ALDI is the current company has been selected to explore the need of the global marketing and expansion in the international markets. The company is currently located in the Germany and recognized as largest retail store. The company expands its global marketing plan into the US as well as Asian markets. This reveals that the ALDI ensures the credible values to sustain the corporate values in essential and adequate manner. In additions, the corporate values of the company want the explorative framework in the global market to retain the corporate values in a good manner (Czinkota & Ronkainen, 2006).

Thesis statement

Investigation of global market planning for global expansion that increases in company profitability: A Case on ALDI supermarket store chain

ALDI store

ALDI is the two leading global discount supermarket chain that has a number of retail chain stores in different countries. The companies also established the recognition of the global marketing and need to operational in the other market like the USA and Asian countries as well. The products and services of the ALDI associated with the food products, beverages, household goods and sanitary articles as well. This reveals that the company has the largest chain in different countries that enhance the framework of the origination performance characteristics. Europe, America, Australia, is whereas the company wants to expand in more US countries as well as Asian countries to generate significant outcomes. Here it can be seen that the ALDI stores have strong marketing consolidations and best positioned in the minds of target customers (Fuerst, 2010).

Current company to the global market

The current name of the company is ALDI is the largest retail store to cater larger market to entailed necessary outcomes.  The establishment of global marketing strategy for the company provides the in-depth indication of organizational committed that need to be pursued in the current business operations (Gillespie & Hennessey, 2010).  The strategy of global market specifically associated with the explorative framework of the attraction of business internationally.  The worldwide rescale of the retail sector as well as getting the commercial advantage of the differenced in the global operations needs to sustain. The ALDI retail store sustained its position in specific countries and there is strong need to recognize the global market to increase their overall productivity.

Making the change to the global market

The changes in the products and services in accordance with the global cultural values need to be executed. In this regard, the company trained staff that deals with the customer in the foreign language.  The cultural values of the organization should be meeting with the global changing environment. The sustainable operations of the supply chain are also needed in the global market. In addition, the ethical code of conduct for the employees and all stakeholders should be established to meet necessary needs of the retail sector.

Steps taken

There are steps needed for the global marketing planning process to ensure the formation of organizational strategy. In this regard, the marketing planning process specifically involves the development of objectives as well as specification of the global marketing process that will be accomplished in the desired manner.  Firstly, determination of ALDI objectives is that are going to market in the international. The goals should be SMART, means the ALDI should establish its market in next 1 year and expected growth of 5% annually.  The assessment of organizational resources is the second step that highlighted the number of resources that will be utilized inside and outside. In this regard, the global suppliers and advertising global agencies targeted to meet the necessary requirements in a good manner. It can be seen from the scenario analysis of the ALDI stores has the great capacity for production, personnel, technological implementation and strong financial strength increase the credible values of the company in a flexible manner.

After evaluation of organizational resources, that reveals the positive impact on the decision of global marketing.  The evaluation of risk and opportunities need to be explored. In this regard, the external environment factors like society, technology, economic and environmental aspects would be considered. After the evaluation of the marketing globally the government legislations and advertising contract are to make public relationship effectively (Luo, Sivakumar, & Liu, 2005).

The monetary compensation of the company need is to assess under the accumulation of the global market.  As per some evidence the company is using exploiting its human resources to realize its corporate objectives both long and short term. This systematical exploitation of the employees affects the capacity of the organization. It reveals the, in the long run, it adversely the impact the productivity of the employees. The available literature on the subject asserts the characteristics of that rich and positive work environment. In which the employees are not policy but rather facilitate it. Ensures the positive work deviance that contributes to the evolution of the organization and expands is the capacity for the organizational values to exploits economic and corporate opportunity, that offer by the system.  It also allows the rewards corporation to develop new instrument and tools which are more effective under organizational values of ALDI and it also enhances the mechanisms and processes of which is used in relaxing and accomplishing goals. These have been identifying in the strategy and for which special instruments are developed (Rosenbloom, 2010).

Need to make it happen

There are certain things that need to be accomplished to evaluate the necessary changes in the global marketing plan. The global marketing plan required the survey analyze of the international market by getting their feedback and assessing the market potential values of the ALDI store.  The utilization of social media and internet tools like SEO will be used to reach the international market and execute relevant research to obtain the potential of the retail sector.


To recommend the ALDI retail store, the company should establish functions of marketing and target through utilization of social media channel. In this regard the company should integrate with the integrated marketing communication channel like the development of public relation and sales promotional tactics should be established essentially.



Thus to sum, all discussion about the global marketing plan for the ALDI store is favorable to target Asian markets and other states of USA by integrated marketing communication channels. The company has great growth structure that sales of the company reveal to target international in more countries especially in the Asian markets.  The product innovation on the customer satisfaction needs to pertain in the ALDI retail sales in the desired manner.


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