1. Explain the three different sets of terms used to describe tables, columns, and rows.

In the field of database design and management, different terms may point to a single term. Same is the case with the data table and its main ingredients, rows and columns. Table is also called a relations. It should be kept in mind that a table may or may not signify a relationship of data. Rows are called Tuples. Columns are called attributes as they add different attributes to a set of data.

  1. Explain the difference between functional dependencies that arise from equations and those that do not.

The main idea behind using a functional dependencies that the values of one or more data attributes can be used to uniquely identify other attributes. The dependencies that arise from equations are the attributes that arise from the arithmetic operations between previous attributes. For example length X width = area, meaning area is the outcome of an equation. On the other hand functional dependencies like first name = address does not have an equation.