What are the most difficult problems or challenges faced by these applications right now?

There are many challenges faced by database applications. These challenges are important to overcome to provide database users a desired experience. One of the challenge that is faced by database applications is data integration from disparate sources (Fricke, 2015). There are a variety of source and types of data that is required to be handled by the databases. Especially now a days there are smartphones, tablets, different operating system and different browsers wanting access to databases. Databases need to be adoptable to these requests.

Another challenge faced by database applications is the growth of structured and unstructured data. Data is created on a phenomenal rate. This growth has been on an increase over the past few years. Database applications need to respond to this growth. Database application may find it hard to respond to store the amount of structured and unstructured data being generated at this rate. Fundamental structural changes may be required to enable these databases to correspond to this challenge.