What are some of the attributes of global brands, according to Day and Reibstein? Do you agree with their conclusion that only a few truly global brands exist?
According to the Reibstein and Day, the five important attributes of a truly global market includes preserving the true nature of the brand and true positioning of a brand in all market and cultures. According to this statement, I agree with the Reibstein and Day that only a few truly global brands exist. At present, the concept of globalization has increased but it is difficult for some brands to position and to bring in product or services for the people having a different culture and they have less possibility that people of that country will like the brand or not (Iammarino & McCann, 2013).

Iammarino, S., & McCann, P. (2013). Multinationals and Economic Geography: Location, Technology and Innovation. Edward Elgar Publishing.