Your assignment is to discuss the pros and cons of saggy pants as well as the idea of placing a fine on people who do “sag” their pants.  Do you agree or disagree and why? Look up any additional information about the history of this style and why or why it is here to stay or is it just a fade that will end soon on its own.  You must have at least one typewritten page on this subject.  Please discuss the economic impact for any potential fines as well as the impact on the clothing industry for the style (i.e. does it require buying certain style pants/shirt/underwear just to have the style).  

It is said that the style of saggy pants started in the prison system because belts weren’t allowed due to attempts of suicide and fights. However, tons of celebrities who were cultivated in the hip hop scene were former prisoners and decided to take the style out of jail and into their music videos and so forth; making the saggy pants the fashion killer that it is today. It is up to those who started the trend to continue the fad or they can put the style to rest by sporting a different, truly the media has the power to sway society as it always has. The pros of sagging one’s pants are that they have the opportunity to express themselves as they see fit and be comfortable: Fashion is not to be dictated by any one. Another pro is that some individuals like the way that their pants look as a whole with their outfit when they are sagging and it is a known fact that liking the way you look is always a self-esteem booster. Most importantly it is a pro because saggy pants have taken over the fashion game so they profit they receive is enormous. The cons of sagging one’s pants are the messages it sends to the youth of today; it is not the preferred look for a gentleman, but because there is limitless freedom with fashion many men aren’t aware and even if they know they could care less. It is specifically a con for the black community/minorities because they are looked to as the pioneers of saggy pants and associated as gang bangers because of the way they fashion their pants.  I do not agree with the fine; it has always been a belief of mines that one cannot force anyone to do something, especially if they are of age to make the decision on their own. Though it is not smiled upon, saggy pants are not harmful and it is not law worthy to punish someone because they are not feeding into someone else’s approval. If someone pays their hard on dollars on pants that are a size too big, that is their choice and free will to do so. The economic impact among fining individuals who sport saggy pants would be very unfortunate: a large percentage of Americans today would lose valuable dollars that could be put towards their households and other responsibilities and fashion stores would ultimately lose out on a ton of money from buyers because they would eventually have to consider the consequences of sagging their pants.