Write an essay (350- 400 words) describing a person, place, or object you know well.

 Michael Jordan

I have been a huge fan of Michael Jordan for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching his games on TV no matter what time it was, and how late past my bedtime it was.  When I saw Michael Jordan play in those late-night games as I snuggled under a big blanket on my couch, there was this feeling of pure joy I would always get.  Michael Jordan was this athletic, tall, handsome guy,  who was born to be the best basketball player of all time.

Michael Jordan seemed like his talent was so effortless when he was playing in the NBA. He jumped from left to right, streaking up and down the court, and never seemed to get tired.  When he went up for a jump shot Michael always seemed to have the correct shooting technique down. His shots would make the best “Swish” sound followed by a loud chant from the crowd. Another thing Michael Jordan was so great at was his defensive skills. He would be pressed up so tight to the other teams players that he could probably smell their body odors, feel their sweat dripping, and steal some of their breathing air.

Michael Jordan has won more championship rings than he can fit on one hand. Michael Jordan has won a National Championship at the college level as well. Other awards include the MVP award for the NBA 5 times. These achievements are things that no other player has been able to accomplish. Jordan put in countless hours in the gym, worked out until he couldn’t stand on his own two legs anymore, and studied basketball more than many students studied their schoolwork. Michael Jordan also revolutionized the shoe market. When his first basketball shoe came out people lined up for blocks outside all the retail stores just to buy the comfortable, hightop, leather sneaker.

Michael Jordan was not only a great basketball player, but he was also an entertainer. He was the main character in the movie Space Jam. I remember when he played in that movie and showcased his basketball talents, because that is when I first became a Michael Jordan fan. I watched the movie and remember rolling around the carpet floor, laughing at the other characters until I couldn’t breath. After I noticed the best basketball player of all-time was right in front of y face it was hard to have any other opinions on Michael Jordan.