How have workers’ wages fared in the past three decades? What is the significance of the growth of McDonalds and Wal-Mart? Where are the good jobs emerging?

What do you think of Professor Ton’s argument:

The workers’ wage have stayed the same for two years, and just recently this year went up to 8.25. The significance of the growth of McDonald’s and Wal-Mart are the laws Obama put in affect, so they had to change their ways. Obama care changed companies by forcing to give full time employees health insurance. Wal-Mart increased their wages but decreased their hours so they would not have to give employees health insurance. Mc Donald’s gave their employees good benefits. Good jobs are emerging from companies who are investing in their employees. I can relate to the points Professor Ton is made from working in retail. Companies do treat their employees bad and in exchange give a poor work ethic which hurts the customers. Companies try to keep their employees at low positions, sometimes it is little to no room for improvement. The chaotic schedule makes it very difficult to get another job and have a life outside of work.