What is the purpose of business? Does this answer depend upon whether or not you are the business owner, an employee of the business or simply someone affected by the business in some manner? Why or why not?


The purpose of a business is to create a profit for its owners, by providing a product or service to customers. While one may get a variety of different answers based on who is answering the question, this is a natural side effect of everyone thinking about things in relation to themselves. That is why a customer may answer differently from an owner, they are all thinking of a business’ primary function in regards to their needs and desires, this can be attributed to simple human nature!

The sole purpose of a business will have a different meaning to all of us. Your answer will depend on the point of view you take on it. If you are a business owner, then the sole purpose of a business is for you to make money out of it. If you are an employee, then you see the sole purpose of this business as a job opportunity. If you are a customer, then the businesses are created so that you have somewhere to get goods and services. In my opinion, I think there’s these different points of views because they are all essential to a business to begin with. Without the customers then the business owner can’t make any money. Without the employees the business owner can’t run a good business. If there isn’t a business owner to open a business then the customers don’t have a place to go to get goods and services, and the employees wont have jobs.