Explain what you take to be the strongest argument in defense of an employee’s right to participate in managerial decision making. Explain what you take to be the strongest argument against such a right. Which argument do you find more persuasive?


There are many arguments in defense of employee’s right to participate in managerial decision making and what benefits it can bring to an organization. Personally, I think that the best defense is that it has been proved that employees who are empowered can bring the most benefits. The employees of an organization who are not managers, are vital to the success of an organization, and when they become empowered the business can take off to places it was unable to reach in the past, and help with the support process.

Employee empowerment is a very simple concept that relies on the organization giving the employees a right to make decisions and make an impact on different organizational tasks. When organizations give employees these large responsibilities it allows the employees to reach higher goals and feel like they aren’t micro-managed. Bigger than that, it helps improve the productivity of the employees. When employees know that they have an impact in decision-making they will listen more, and pay more attention because their thoughts are listened too. As great as empowerment is for employees it can also be very difficult for managers because employees may tend to step outside their boundaries but this is still beneficial because even if they are bad practices, often, the results will be beneficial.

There are also other benefits to employee empowerment such as reduction in costs, better customer service, and the organization being able to embrace the change. These can help the organization for the better as well. When employees become empowered they can make decisions without a supervisor and try to provide customer service to the best of their ability. Also, it gives the employees the freedom to make decisions quickly, even if they are not the right decisions. It may end up being detrimental to business and good for customers, but if the company is customer-focused this works just fine.

I think that the most persuasive argument is clearly the fact that it increases the productivity. If an organization is continuously improving and becoming more productive from certain practices they need to continue them. As previously stated, the employees are the ones who interact with customers, and are the face of the company. If they are increasing their productivity it allows the managing team to do more work and complete other tasks. This benefit is by far the best for the organization, even though the other benefits are still great reasons to consider employee empowerment.

  • It is often said that business can be like a poker game. In what ways is that true and in what ways is business different from a poker game?


Poker and business are very similar on many different levels. The first way that business can be like a game of poker is because you learn to calculate risk. In business, the owners and managing team are always measuring gain and loss, and when to take risks with these. This is the same in poker because sometimes you do not have the best cards, but you make it seem like you do, and see if the opposition will call your bluff. You can win a lot or lose everything with one bad mistake, just like a business. If you are smart at poker and business, you know when to take the risks and when not too, depending on when the odds are for you, or against you.

Another reason why poker and business are similar is because it teaches you to deal with pressure. Many times, in poker players are down to their last number of chips, but still have a chance to win, or gain. In this class, we have learned a lot about gain and loss, so it ties in very well. This is also just like business because there are tremendous pressures in business. In the business world, there are many startup companies that do not have capital or marketing education. This stacks them up against the wall but does not deem them unsuccessful off the start.