Explain how life-cycle can affect solicitation process?

Solicitation is utilized by the government to ask for information from the bidders about their proposed solutions, their financial quotations and/or other information (“The Solicitation Process “, 2016). This process is related to how the project would be conducted, what would be the timeframe and how would the budget allocation be performed. In my opinion all these factors must be related to the project life cycle.

Contractors have to do a market research and provide information about different options to the government during the solicitation process. For a project life cycle, it is important to state what resources would be leased and what would be purchased. These preferences depend on the way the contractors would profit from the contract. But this statement of the nature of the resource may affect the solicitation process. The government may have their own preferences depending on their public policy and the local economic conditions. For example the government may be interested in the contractors leasing or purchasing local products.

The other important aspect of the life cycle is the scheduling of different activities during the project. The timeline of these activities may be not what the government requires. For example the contractor may be asked to change the order or timing of different activities during the solicitation process.

Apart from the above discusses factors that may affect the solicitation process, there may be some more factors like the allocation of funds for different activities that may be required by the government to be altered.