Do all employees have a requirement to be loyal to their employer? Under what conditions would you consider loyalty necessary from an employee? If there is a loyalty requirement is it to one’s direct superior? The CEO of the company? The owners of the company? Some combination of each?

I think that all employees do have the requirement to be loyal to their employer as long as it is regarding work. If they are not being loyal off the clock I do not think it should matter or affect them while at work. However, if they are showing up late, and doing bad work and not being loyal then this cannot be tolerated. Employees need to be loyal and trusted to do their work so the managers do not need to micro manage the employees. Loyal is necessary during interactions with employees and managers, during work related tasks, and when recording hours and pay. I think that the loyalty is only to the direct supervisors, and other people who are considered an employees supervisor. An employee should not be required to be loyal to another employee in an irrelavent department. The owners should demand loyalty from everyone because it is their company and they are everybody’s manager.