In what cases and how can bidders protest? Give examples.

If the government does something that you don’t agree with in a government contract, there are ways to get around it. A contractor can use disputes and protests to get what they want.  By law, a protest must be filed by an “interested party,” which means an actual or prospective bidder whose direct economic interest would be affected by the award of a contract or by the failure to award a contract (BizFilings). More specifically, you can protest a bid or protest an award and the contract. There are many reasons that bids can be protested: It isn’t detailed enough, it is too restrictive, it is too detailed, there could be confusing statements, and many more reasons. If it is a small business there could be reasons such as the company being too small or the wrong size standard. When a company bids they need to be very clear. Protests can also be made by those who lost the contract but think the winners made mistakes in their contract.