Do you believe that technology has made us lazy spellers? Why or why not? Do you think you have good or poor spelling skills? Why? If you believe you have poor spelling skills, how can you improve them?


I do believe that technology has made us lazy spellers. With spell check on Microsoft word we immediately know when we are misspelling a word. With this capability, we often get lazy and just type knowing that Microsoft Word will catch our errors. Also, spell check is on text messaging now, so essentially everywhere we type something there is a thing that lets us know our mistakes. I think this capability can also help us with spelling, if used correctly. If we focus on what we are continuously misspelling eventually we will learn the correct way. Also, you could try only using spell check at the end, and focus on the words you are checking. Also, I have learned that reading helps a lot with spelling, because it diversifies your vocab and shows you the correct way a word is spelled.