“Women should, in wartime, be exempted from serving in combat.”  In what ways are women in and not in the military?  Should women be allowed to serve in combat?  What are the drawbacks?  Do you know any women who have served in the military or fought in combat?  What reasons did they have for doing or not doing so?  What kinds of things have happened before and why is this and issue?  You may want to look at some outside articles from the library, a brief web search, or refer back to the reading from our textbook.  We may be surprised by the wealth of reasoning and opinion regarding this topic. 

I think all women should be given the opportunity to serve in combat. Of course their will be rules and regulations as well as standards they need to meet in order to be accepted in the military or whichever branch they want to serve. The Standards should be equal and fair for both genders. I for one do know 2 ladies that are in the military who I would consider to be the strongest people I know and who have dealt with some inequality being in the military by other men but learned to cope with it and know their reason is to serve and not let others get in the way of what they want to achieve and help. If you’re a female you might deal with sexism and as going into you should be ready to cope with it if worse comes to worse but it is sad that we even have to prepare ourselves for gender inequality in general. We should all be treated equally.  Being a female should have to cost you anything like a pay raise, promotions or certain fields we need to work on that and make sure that this isn’t happening.