Why do people debate the claim “Washington, D.C. should be granted statehood.” ? What do people say about their reasons for making this square piece of land a state instead of ten square miles of capital?  What do you know about D.C. from your own life and times?  Do you recall any specific memories of this region?  Share some information both formal or informal.  Be as descriptive or concise as you please.


People engage in the debate that Washington should be made a state because it has no voting representative in Congress. In this sense, I am of the view that Washington D.C should be made a state. The District has a population of more than 600,000 and it is not represented in Congress. It implies that DC residents have been denied the constitutional right to vote. The city operates at the mercy of Congress. The District has a population that is greater than some states that receive representation in Congress such as Vermont. Besides, DC’s residents are still obliged to pay federal taxes like other people in other states. The government is supposed to decide if DC residents pay federal taxes or have no representation in Congress. They cannot have both. These issues of representation together with enfranchisement would be solved by making Washington DC the 51st state. Various cities across the globe such as London, Tokyo, Paris, and Rome act as both cities and independent jurisdictions and they have been successful, why not for Washington DC that can follow suit. The last reason is that various studies have pointed that Washington DC has a higher gross state product compared to more than 16 states. It would make significant contribution to the American economy.