What causes students to drop out of college?


Every student might have a specific work plan. At least once in their lives they might have thought who they will be in the future. Some of the students are successful because they have the motivation to study, and the strength of mind to graduate the college, but some of them are not successful because of their lack of time and lack of opportunities. Mostly, none-college graduates have full time and part time jobs just to pay the rent and bills. They don’t have enough money to go on vacation and enjoy their lives. Students should avoid the regret in the future by thinking about the causes of dropping out of college. Students are quitting college for the following reasons.

The first cause of quitting college is financial problems. Some of the parents cannot support their children to pay for their college expenses. Most of the parents first focus on the rent and bills then they care about their children, so if the parents don’t pay for their college expenses, their children are forced to leave college, and when they quit college they get a job and work hard to find money. They work full time to save some money for their college. But by the time they have the money to pay for their college, they don’t have enough motivation to study because now their brains are tired; their brains are not prepared to be well focused on the subjects or learning materials.

Another cause for dropping out of college is the lack of responsibilities. For example, some of the singles students want to party, and take the advantage of their freedom which is given to them by their families. They don’t do the assignments, they don’t go to the class on time, and sometimes they don’t even go to the class. These negative activities will have poor attendance. It will find an unstable work, and social life which will result poor grades and even poorer self esteem in terms of academics. At the end, this freedom and lack of sense of responsibility for their own actions will cause them to drop out of college.

The third cause of dropping college is the time flexibility between work and study. Students who work while studying often have a problem with a flexible schedule.  More often they cannot ask for the amount of hours they want. Many students find it very difficult to find time to study and do the assignments. If students are not able to manage their work schedules to fit with their classes’ schedules, they usually decide to choose work in order to support their families. In this kind of situations they are more likely to drop out of college.

As I explained above, Students drop out of college for many reasons, most of the students find it very difficult to pay for their college expenses. Lacks of responsibilities make them to take the advantage of freedoms from their parents, and not having a good balance of work and studies make them to quit college.