In what ways do societal expectations, expressed by television shows and commercials, motivate audiences to be obese or excessively concerned about weight loss? How could television contribute to better eating habits and attitudes toward weight? Should it be required to do so?

Societal Expectations Expressed through Media

Media use of model and symbols to show more inclination towards the people will less weight is causing those with more weight to constantly think about their placement in the society. The commercials and the other media products are focused on the standards that are used in the fashion industry. These tsnad5das state that the models both men and women should be only skin and bones and made pretty. These figures and the media stress that the standards of beauty and happiness are based on the images of the bone thin models and their costly products have made people go for the methods and techniques to lose weight. These methods and techniques also include the factors like the illegal drugs and the surgeries. The weight has become a debate since it is shifting in the fashion world which is that remain component of the media and television.

Every product and media component that is directed and developed includes the aspect of the latest fashion that will state where and how the weight should be. In some cases it is encouraged to be in the legs and the next month in other parts of the body. The weight loss has become a battle for those who are real and not dolls like models that are modified to fit into the size zero clothing (Grabe, Ward & Hyde, 2008).

Television Contribution to Healthy Lifestyle

The television and the media can help break image of the weight concerned shows. The components shown in the media and television represent less than half of the real world while the entire world is perfect in their own way. There are many campaigns that are now focusing on the colour and sex and even weight of the models. The model themselves are addressing the issues of being starved to near death for their fashion shows. The media needs to understand and then make people – the viewers- understanding that the people are not machines melded in the same mould. There are different sizes and help people find their image in what they are and not through the billboards placed after a couple of hours of Photoshop. This will help young girls and women be confident in their bodies and achieve what they aim for in life that is more than losing weight and becoming stick thin and more related to being healthy both mentally and psychically.