Do you think it is possible to have sensation without perception? Is it possible to have perception with sensation?

Sensation is defined as the process producing nerve impulse stimulated in receptors that connects with the brain and informs it to act in a certain way. The impulses include sound, image, taste, odour, touch, and pain. The stimulus is present in the external environment where the body encounters interacting with different people and objects that cause sensation.

Perception is defined as the occurrence of the brain function when it performs organization and execution of information it obtains from the impulses. The brain then starts to process and interpret the message sent to it. The process helps make sense of the environment and information related to it. It also helps label the information around the world and physical stimulus. The brain process information and then the perception are created based on the process outcomes to give meaning to the objects, environmental and people around human. The perception is also linked with the memories and the emotion towards the stimulus.

The sensation and perception both complement one another. Without the one the other cannot fully occur and provide meaning to the human brain. The sensation and perception work together to provide and identify meaning to the information the bran gathers and processes. The sensation and perception cannot be possible without any stimulus and they cannot provide meaning based on one element. The perception is not possible without sensation (Wolfe, 2012). The perception is developed based on the information gathered and how that information is treated by the brain. Considering the relationship the other way around explains that the sensation is not possible without perception because in this case sensation will remain unknown and unidentified. Without the mental processing of the sensation there will be no labelling of the stimulus and memory to react the same way when the stimulus reoccurs.