Select either nature or nurture and create a persuasive argument as to why that approach is more valid. You may want to use violence in the media or violent video games as a referent.

Nurture effect on the teenagers and game lovers

The nature is part of the human development and learning process no doubt. The nature is the basic code that is in the system of the human body enabling them to react to certain stimuli like pain, Heat, hunger and love. The nature is discussed to be part of the human brain and considered the pre learned in the human body. When the nurture is concerned it has more concern regarding how the humans turn up when they grow up and are still growing because of the environmental and the stimuli around them. The nurture is linked with the human environment and how the surrounding either support or discourage certain things that develop the personality.

Violence and Nurture Affects

Violence is discussed to be a prominent part of the human psychology. What causes violence and what urges people to commit violence are linked with the development of the human personality. The human who are raised in the violent environment tend to have two reactions to it in terms of their personalities. Either they develop fear or they become used to violence and sometimes try to inflict others themselves. The case of violence that is shows in the real life and over the media and television both show patterns of same outcomes. Video games that are considered violent tend to change the human perception regarding violence. The children and teenagers playing such video games fin d the content attractive and even boring when they are faced with real life violet issues. This way the nurture of the human affects the personality more than the nature does (Anderson & Bushman, 2001). Not every parents of the video game player are violent in nature and not all the households are violent but still their children and teenager children tend to like violence and in severe cases try it themselves. These children are often seeing involved in beating, minor cases of violence and sometime even homicides. The effect of nurture is long lasting and prominent in developing personalities or a part of it that causes the reactions in a different manner than does in those who are raised in a non- violent environment.