What role do ethics play in leadership? Do you believe that some people abuse it? Why or why not? Provide examples.

Ethics is an important element of the organization. The ethical leadership and the ethical roles of the leadership determine how the culture of the organization is able to accept and exercise the ethical actions. The leadership behaviors and the acceptance of the ethical codes of conducts determine the ability of the culture of the organization to motivate employees to do the same. The ethical leadership determines that leader is doing the right thing and motivates the same from his employees and followers (Brown, M. E., Treviño & Harrison, 2005). The actions of the leaders in charismatic factor terms are followed by the followers and promoted.

Some people do abuse the ethical code of conduct either because they think it is satisfactory to their self-interest or because they think they have not been treated equally, properly as they should have been. For instance, the employee will break the ethical code of conduct by stealing the personal information of the fellow employees and providing it to other parties because he thinks that he is not compensated accordingly for his work and performances or because the employee uses the information for his own benefit to undermine the fellow employees and get the promotion he has set his targets on. The employees are derived by lower motivation or the higher motivation to achieve something through wrong means because they believe it will satisfy their own needs or help them get to a higher position.