Why might a corporation wish to list its shares on a national exchange such as the NYSE as opposed to a regional exchange or NASDAQ?

There have been many similarities between NASDAQ and NYSE but on the basis of differences between them, I think NYSE is a better option for the corporations to get listed the shares because the regional exchange such as NASDAQ may limit the access of capital for the business but not in the case of national exchange and corporation and shareholders are free in trading the shares and capital is not limited in any case.

Also there are many esteemed organization including Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart General Electric and many other similar prestigious organizations have been listed on NYSE and it has been considered as a prominent factor for the organization to be listed on the national exchange and is a sign of good impact for the companies in the eyes of business world and shareholders too. Although, NYSE has been an auction market with floor traders rather than online and digital trading platforms but still it have many specialists that may benefit more than the OTC.

NASDAQ has a large selection of technology related firms including Google and Facebook but still NYSE has a larger market cap and has been preferred to due to the registration of the well-established and well-known companies with stable and high value stocks.